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ISO 17025 compliant LIMS for Testing Laboratories

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Testing Lab LIMS Solutions

With our partner Thermo Fisher Scientific, Orbis Labystems delivers ISO 17025 compliant LIMS for Testing Laboratories. 

SampleManager LIMS is designed to provide a fast and compliant solution for quality control laboratory digitization.

Fast and Compliant

Testing Lab Accreditation

A testing laboratory needs to follow standard and guidelines to receive ISO 17025 Standard compliance.

SampleManager LIMS has many of the controls required by the ISO 17025 standard that come out of the box, like Personnel Checks and Calibrated Equipment Checks.

In addition SampleManager’s Laboratory Execution capability furthers the process of repeat working to certified methods ensuring consistent practice and error avoidance.

Certificates are generated that include the methods certification an results to prespecified formats. The LIMS also tracks non conformances and provides data trends used both in customer results approval and in the annual quality management review.


Testing Lab LIMS Implementation

Once the core requirements are agreed for the LIMS can be ready for testing and validation after three months. This is based on the established practice of five to seven sprints.

 Data loading is facilitated with tools for uploading the data.

 As all of the functionality is out of the box then using a risk-based approach validation can be limited to Installation and Performance Qualifications. Templates are available for both.

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SampleManager LIMS for Testing Laboratories

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