Project Planning and the Business Case

With over thirty years experience in laboratory informatics Orbis Labsystems has a wealth of experience to guide our customers to successful outcomes with their projects.

Each project assignment starts with an assessment of the project objectives, the technology being deployed, resources and capabilities, quality assurance and schedules. These are important factors that influence the solution that emerges and its timeframe.

Experience and knowledge are essential to determining a project path that is realistic, optimises resources and achieves early goals. We structure projects with this in mind ensuring that expectations for our customers are met.

To ensure that the laboratory solution achieves its objectives within the agreed timescale our experience is that good and fully defined requirements are essential, as well as ensuring that the informatics technology can deliver within its competence, that is without resort to code.

Orbis Labsystems can assist in making the business case for a solution. We believe informatics technology is capable of providing quality control through reliable data without the burden of overhead. We look for time savings in the laboratory, assure data integrity and compliance and make the data available to support quality decisions.

If you are interested in how we plan an informatics project to achieve business objectives please ask us for our Systems Business Plan.