Project Management

Orbis Labsystems focuses on optimum deployment of resources with risk management to ensure successful delivery of our solutions.

We recognize that the two greatest challenges in a project are the quality of the requirements which drive the solution and successful adoption of the solution by the end users. Whilst many requirements specifications are generally definitive they often lack the specificity that makes the solution a great one. We manage the overall macro project as a waterfall and then establish interactive sprints within it to trap this detail. For this to work we require the subject matter experts participating to know their processes and bring these to our workshops while our consultants show them how the informatics technology can deliver a future state meeting the business need.

Each project is carefully risk assessed as a project, identifying potential weak points in the cycle to which we apply the right resource to bear and ensure continued smooth delivery. Functionality that is deemed to have risk can be individually risk assessed leading to a test plan, as well as data to identify the correct review process.

Whether the laboratory informatics solution is for compliance, requiring formal validation, or not, each solution is put through a rigorous systems acceptance test which is designed with the customer at the start of the project to assure quality configuration, that meets the business requirements and works reliably.

Good communications are also essential and we ensure that these are structured at steering, weekly project management and daily team standups.

If you are interested in our approach to project management, please ask for the Orbis Labsystems Project Quality Plan.