Managed Services

  1. Introduction
  2. Resources
  3. Skills Development
  4. Best Practice

1 Introduction

Figure 1: Orbis Labsystems Managed Services

We aim to provide high quality services at competitive costs to our customers.

2 Resources

Figure 2: The Customer and the Services Resource

The key to successful customer managed services is understanding the customer business requirement, assigning an experienced and skilled analyst who understands these requirements, updating skills with training or coaching as required, with both customer and analyst working to the same objectives in an agreed timescale. In short requirement, skills and timeline.

In Orbis Labsystems we concentrate on recruiting the best LIMS talent available, training in LIMS vendor technology, industry related issues, communications, customer reporting and in implementation best practice.

3 Skills Development

Figure 3: Skills Matrix

Orbis analysts and consultants undertake training each year to develop or maintain skills. Training and guidance is based on assessment and skills are maintained in our company skills matrix. The matrix ensures each analyst/consultant meets the customer requirement.

Figure 4: Best Practice

With over twenty years implementing and supporting laboratory informatics projects across the world Orbis has assembled best practice in the design, development, testing and support of systems. These procedures are ISO 9001 certified.

In addition to procedures supporting the implementation cycle our analysts are trained in project planning and risk assessing their work.

5 Customer Care Culture

The culture of Orbis Labsystems is customer-focused. We look beyond the technical competencies required to proper engagement with the customer and managing challenging situations.

Our consultants and analysts are trained in communication and reporting, specifically in problem statements, impact, resolution path, task assignment and progress updating.

6 Organization

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Figure 5: Organization Support

Managed services depend not only on the quality of the analyst assigned but also on the available support. This is provided through proactive coaching and escalation of any problems encountered.