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Alchemist is a modern, lightweight laboratory data integration solution.

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Alchemist Empower

Alchemist is a modern, lightweight laboratory data integration solution.

Whether your data originates from instruments, CDS platforms, LIMS systems, ELNs, digital platforms, or even human input for data enrichment, Alchemist provides you with a common data integration dashboard and a control panel at your fingertips.

It is the enabling technology for modern Data Science and Analytics in the laboratory, specially designed with data integrity and compliance in mind.

Its powerful data mapping and transformation engine runs in a sandbox and provides rock-solid, future-proof and thoroughly tested ground to gain complete control of your laboratory data from the origination points to your desk, without any compromise on security.

Deployment options

    • Virtual Private Cloud
      • a fully managed service: we provide the entire supporting ICT infrastructure, ready for use
      • Available in multi-tenant and isolated environments
    • Hybrid Cloud
      • Your data stays with you, and never leaves your own infrastructure, while you still experience the benefits of a modern SaaS solution


Alchemist Modern

  • A modern Web Application that works well with devices of any type and size, easy to learn and intuitive to use
  • Access the app anywhere through the Orbis Portal
  • Flexible, with a graphical workflow designer
  • Continuous Improvement and Delivery of new features
  • Test-driven development to ensure top quality
  • A growing library of ready-to-use instrument integrations
  • Rapid integration of new instruments and systems


Alchemist Lightweight

  • Light on your pockets: with Instrument Integration as a Service, you pay for what you use
  • Light on resources
    • our transformation engine can compile the most CPU-intensive tasks to machine bytecode, providing additional horsepower and savings on energy consumption and processing times when needed, while still guaranteeing maximum flexibility
  • Full-featured
    • Includes support for all industry-standard communication protocols, ranging from file-based integrations to RESTFul APIs and WCF services
  • Easy to scale with gateway clusters
    • scales horizontally with your organization
  • You decide when it’s time to upgrade
    We ensure backwards compatibility through API versioning


Alchemist Compliant

  • Instrumented with all the features that allow you to accomplish your Data Integrity and ISO/GxP Compliance goals
  • Full audit trail
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Protected with security certificates and RSA cryptography
  • Advanced security settings, such as two-factor authentication, ip-whitelisting, remembered devices

Knowledge base

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